Busy, Busy, Busy

This week we have made posters to encourage everyone to recycle plastic bottle tops. Lush make environmentally friendly cosmetics.  By collecting plastic bottle tops we can help Lush recycle the plastic which is environment friendly.

Some of us are going on a trip to the Royal Courts of Justice and then later on in the year all of us will be going on a trip to City Hall.

After the half term we will be organising an assembly about bees and why they are endangered.  We will be doing a lot of research about bees to find out what we can do to help.


Watch this space for further information.

What next?

We have had a few meetings since our last update and we have had lots of ideas such as:

-Don’t use plastic water bottles

-Regular litter picks

-Find out if our books are recyclable

-Are compost bins in use

-Trying to encourage people to walk to school

-Encouraging people to turn off the lights and projectors and making posters

– Litter pick around ponds and lakes

-Bring in reusable packed lunch

-Stop bringing artificial fruit in and bring in real fruit

– Stop using/selling silly string at fairs

These ideas are only a few.  We started with making posters to encourage everyone to save energy. We are taking part in science week next week. We  are looking at recycling bins we have in school and also starting a campaign to recycle bottle tops.

Meeting number 2

Today we looked at the 10 topics for the ECO school award.  We have decided to audit our school and the environment to find out how ECO friendly we really are.  When we know more information we will be deciding on a plan of action to improve some of the areas.  Watch here to find out what will happen next.

First meeting of the year

Today the ECO Council met for the first time.  Introductions were made and ideas shared.  All members were present including Ms Johnson and Mrs Rolfe.  Everyone is eager to get saving the planet.  Our next task will be to undertake an audit of our school to find out how we are doing at present.  Then, watch this space for our child lead action plan.

The results are in.

After a busy week of campaigning and elections.  Our new democratically elected Eco Councillors are as follows:

Kristen and Hezekai

Roman and Millie

Chloe and Joseph

Amarni and Albert

Stanley and Ava

William and Yasmin


Our year 5 and 6 house representatives are

Elena and Esme

Sofiina and Gracie

Amara and Oliver

Olivia and Sam


Congratulations to all the representatives.  We will begin taking small steps to improve our world shortly.

Eco Council Elections

After an interesting week of campaigning for the position of School Council next week brings us to the topic of ECO council members.  Campaigning will commence on Monday with elections being held on Thursday.  The results will be announced on Friday 23rd November.  Will you be the next Eco Legend?